Société SrLux offers a wide range of woods in all its forms: solid wood, carpentry / cabinetmaking, framing, construction and the wood used for coating.


We can offer various species (beech, oak, ash, maple, walnut, cherry, red spruce, pine, Douglas pine, fir, etc.) in raw, dry, planed, mismatched timber, plots, boards, panels and cleats in all thicknesses.


The choices of the standardized quality of our wood meet the requirements of the end users, guarantees an easy transformation and an appreciable longevity.


We are able to deliver standard dimensions or larger than the norm. Dry wood has a humidity of 8 to 10%. Transport is provided by us.



- Plots / Trays: thickness 26mm-100mm

quality Q-BA, Q-B1, Q-B2, Q-B3, Q-B4


- Edged (not planed / planed): thickness 26mm-100mm

quality Q-F1A, Q-F1A / B, Q-F2, Q-F3 / F4


Raw / dry dryer KD / air dry AD




- Plots / Trays: thickness 24mm-100mm

quality F-BA, F-B1, F-B2, F-B3


- Edged (not planed / planed): thickness 18mm-80mm

quality F-FA, F-F1, F-F2


Raw / dry dryer KD / air dry AD




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